Cristina Cavalli


Cristina loves making music, and she is deeply convinced that music is a very powerful way to improve people and life; it should be everyone’s heritage, regardless of age, country and condition. Music must be shared, better if that sharing starts with children, as early as possible.

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Above: concert and music in Nanning, China, with the young piano students (left) and piano masterclass in Anqing, China, with students and teachers of the local Conservatory of Music. Lovely experience, hope to meet them again!
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Left: in Rome for a charity concert to help Peter Pan. Peter Pan Onus helps families with hospitalized children in the oncology section of Bambin Gesù Hospital, providing them assistance and accommodation in Rome.
Right: charity concert to help Giulia, who was waiting for a complicate and expensive surgery in the US. Rome, Teatro Ruskaja.